Chemical-free, Live Bee Removals

Don’t poison your home

Think about the health of your family before you use pesticides. Pesticides sprayed into the walls of the house may kill the bees quickly, but you, your family, and your pets will be exposed for many years to come. There have been many studies that show the damage pesticides cause to humans and the environment.

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Free! swarm removals*

March 1st – August 31st

*Hanging honeybee swarms only. Swarms more than 15ft above ground or further than 20 miles from zip 12461 will have a charge.


Beekeeping seminar

I will be teaching a free “Intro to Beekeeping” course at the Olive Free Library this coming January. If you have ever thought about keeping honeybees, here is your chance to find out if it is for you before making any investment.


Covering New York's scenic Catskill Mountains and surrounding areas

Beemaster's Beekeeping Ring
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