Swarm Trap Rentals

swarm1cropIf you’re concerned with the possibility of honeybees taking up residence in your home or building than you should consider our swarm trap rental service. Having a honeybee colony removed from your structure can be quite costly, so if you live in an area that is prone to swarms, you can reduce your chances with this service. Because we are dealing with mother nature, there is no guarantee with this service.

For a one time charge, we will install a swarm trap in a nearby tree or other “out of the way” location and maintain it for the entire season. If a swarm moves into it, just call us and we will come pick it up and replace it with an empty swarm trap. Each time a swarm moves in, you just call us and we will replace it with another empty trap at no additional cost to you.

Our swarm traps are designed from experience to have the optimum internal volume preferred by swarming bees. Each trap contains drawn beeswax comb and Nasonov pheromone to aid in luring swarms to the trap. In established colonies, Nasonov pheromone is released by bees at the entrance of the colony to orient returning forager bees.

Contact us to inquire about our swarm trap program.

Customer Successes

– prevented bees from moving into buildings